Creating the Magic


I’ll ask in-depth questions to discover the truth about why you need a new website and exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve.

The more I know about what you want for your business, the better I will be able to prepare a website that meets your needs.

Create a Sitemap

A sitemap is a general outline of what will be included in the website and how all the different elements will relate to each other. Once I have the information I need from you, I’ll build a sitemap that will give us a visual overview of all the information for your website.

Here’s an example.

Build a Prototype

It is very important to make sure a website functions properly before adding all the wonderful things that make it look pretty.

 A prototype is just a bare-bones website that contains all the links, header and footer information, menus, text blocks, placeholders, that will be included in your final site. This is done solely to test that everything is working properly behind the scenes before we add in your graphics, fonts, and everything else related to your personal branding. It won’t be pretty, but at this stage we need to make sure everything works as it should.

Here’s a sample prototype.

The Design

This is the fun part. This is where we bring to life the colors, textures, and flavor of your brand.

Here’s the fully designed website.

Product Delivery

Finally, we undergo final testing to make sure everything is ready to go before loading your beautiful new website to your web hosting provider, so you can show it off to the whole world.

Are You Ready to Bring Your Dream to Life?

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